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Saturday, January 30

Dabkowski Discovers John Cage, Encourages You To Do The Same

About “John Cage: Lecture on the Weather,” a 23-day festival of work by or inspired by Cage at the Burchfield Penney, Colin has this to say:
"For the uninitiated, among whose ranks I count myself, Cage’s musical compositions pose a range of difficulties. They demand a wide-open mind as a bare minimum prerequisite. On top of that, they require the listener to enter an almost meditative state, which is all the more difficult to achieve because of the randomized clamor of the music itself.

But even for newbies, Cage’s concepts can have a profound and immediate effect. He taught people, for instance, that any sound in the world can be music. And that silence, like white space in graphic design or aimless daydreaming in life, is central both to our understanding of music and to music itself. The concepts go far deeper, of course, into subjects like the ego, the role of chance and imperialist politics (see his beloved “Lecture on the Weather,” with two more performances scheduled for Thursday and Saturday).

The lesson of the festival tells us something about the infinite paths that can lead an individual to deep appreciation for an artist like Cage. There are 14 days left for you to find yours."
Read the entire piece here.

Video - w ((aa)) ou w Live at Soundlab

"w ((aa)) ou w (pronounced 'wow'), also known as 'Poverty Hymns,' is a Buffalo-based electro-acoustic sound trio fronted by Jim Abramson, Tristan Trump, and Jax DeLuca, who is also Programming Director at Squeaky Wheel ( ). Their set consists of avant-noise rock at punishing volume, utilizing live drums, samples/loops and manipulated voice coupled with video projections to produce cacophonous multi-media results." Band website: Clips from other live performances at Soundlab: May 9, 2009: September 30, 2009:

This Weekend at Soundlab... Big Gigantic

Tonight, Saturday, January 30, 10pm, $10--BIG GIGANTIC with special guests BIG BASHA & AREHOUSE .
After several tours opening for the likes of The New Deal, STS9, Lotus and Disco Biscuits, & pumping out a hot album produced by Alex B (Pnuma Trio), we welcome this headlining performance.,

Preview New Chicago Underground Duo - Boca Negra

Check it out atOther Music's Download Store:
The first new one in a bit from Rob Mazurek (cornet) and Chad Taylor (drums), and it is a beauty. The spare duo adds shadings of electronics, both noisy and groove-centric, vibraphone, and more, to create a lilting version of jazz, post-jazz, improv, ambient -- whatever, it's good stuff.
The Chicago Underground Duo performed at the old Soundlab once (our 3rd show), and drummer Chad Taylor has returned 2 times (and a few times to Hallwalls) in various improv and jazz combinations.

Thursday, January 28

New Josephine Foster: Graphic as a Star

"Trust in the Unexpected"
"Tell as a Marksman - Were Forgotten"

Buy it here.

From Other Music:
Chanteuse Josephine Foster has always been a talented chameleon, bounding from one sound and style to the next, confidently tackling blistering psych rock, German lieder, and pure acid folk in her own inimitable style. Graphic as a Star, her latest and first for the Fire label, is every bit as high concept as her other works, yet it finds her taking an almost simplistic approach, matching twenty-six Emily Dickinson poems to exceedingly spare and oft-gorgeous arrangements.

Foster displays a unique mastery with this record, subtly complementing the variety of moods Dickinson channeled so that a track like "She Sweeps with Many-Colored Brooms" sounds as slyly playful in musical form, accompanied by strums and the occasional burst of harmonica, as the poet's original piece about a sunset did. "In Falling Timbers Buried" is even better, imbued with a graceful power that shifts the songs tone from pleasantly conversational to quietly mourning within a matter of seconds.

Foster's voice has a unique and forceful presence all its own throughout the album, and yet when left unaccompanied on Graphic as a Star, it beautifully complements nonpareil originality of Dickinson's meters, playful rhymes, and inspired phrasing. Often extremely brief, tracks like "Exultation Is the Going" and "Beauty Crowds Me Till I Die" add nothing but faint birdsong in the background to the voice, each a cappella rendition a spotlight on Foster's keen understanding of Dickinson's words. An extremely pleasant surprise, Foster's latest continues to see her develop as an artist, while performing the not-so-simple task of successfully adapting the work of a poet who hardly needs embellishment.
On 04/21/04, Foster's group Born Heller played with Picastro and Dear Families. She played a solo show on 11/02/06 and on 05/30/06, she shared a bill with Prairies (Jessica Pavone/Mary Halvorson Duo), Arizona Drains and Robbie Lee.

"List of Scenes of My Childhood To Be Written" by Raymond Federman

Excerpted from Shhh: A Story of Childhood, forthcoming from Starcherone Books. Via Vice magazine.

Wednesday, January 27

New Lali Puna - Download "Remember" MP3

By Brandon for Stereogum:
On the breezy lead track from Lali Puna's first album in five years, vocalist/keyboardist Valerie Trebeljahr asks, repeatedly "Will you remember me?" Not a bad thing to get out of the way. The Munich electro group's fourth album Our Inventions is out in April on Berlin's Morr Music. It follows 2004's Faking The Books. As a who's who refresher, Trebeljahr's backed by drummer Christoph Brandner (also of Tied & Tickled Trio), keyboardist Christian Heiß, and Tied & Tickled Trio/the Notwist's Markus Acher. Elsewhere Yellow Magic Orchestra's Yukihiro Takahashi makes a vocal appearance, but on this one it's Trebeljahr asking the questions. Download "Remember" here.
On 11/19/04, Lali Puna visited Soundlab with Styrofoam and The Go Find.

About Last Night... Communist Party feat. Mario Bee & Mark Kloud

01/15/10 Communist Party feat. Mario Bee. Check out flickr pics here.

New Release: Surfer Blood: Astro Coast

Listen & Buy: Surfer Blood: Astro Coast.. Or check them out at Soundlab Tuesday, April 13, 9pm. By Jeremy Sponder for Other Music:
Surfer Blood has been getting tons of blog love as of late, and for good reason: this young West Palm Beach quartet creates some of the catchiest rock music around. It's completely opposite of the groundbreaking avant-pop made by store favorites like Dirty Projectors, Animal Collective and more recently Owen Pallett. There's nothing too heady or out-there about this record at all in fact, but that's okay, as these ten tracks will have you hitting the repeat button time and time again -- never mind that Astro Coast was created by four guys barely out of high school! Songs like "Floating Vibes," with its rolling, distorted bass line and James Mercer-influenced vocals, will surely gives the Shins a run for their money, while "Swim" is a perfect slice of pop music featuring a Weezer-esque chorus guaranteed to lodge itself into the head of any music fan between the age of 16 and 46. (And does anyone have a problem with that? Certainly not me.) Surfer Blood also mirrors indie's current fascination with high-life and Afro-pop during "Take It Easy," but they own it here with their jaunty distorted guitars and slippery reverb melodies, and what results is something that's both fun and new. It's almost unbelievable that a group of 19-year-olds has made one of the best pop records that I've heard in ages, and I can attest that they back it up on the live stage as well. Expect big things from Surfer Blood this year, they deserve it.

Tuesday, January 26

Watch the Trailer for Animal Collective's Oddsac

By Amrit for Stereogum:
The list-topping oddballs of Animal Collective are taking a break from solo gigs and DJ sets to set their sights on the Sundance Film Festival where, tonight, they unveil their ODDSAC, "an earthy, psychedelic experimental narrative infused with [the band's] aural and musical sensibilities." In other words it's a visual album, and it has a trailer which is trippy, if you can believe that. Here it is in all its 26-second glory.
Animal Collective visited Soundlab on 04/14/05 with Ariel Pink.

YACHT Recruit Full Band for Upcoming Tour (including Soundlab Stop March 7)

By Ryan Dombal for Pitchfork:
The cult-inspired electronic pop outfit YACHT are ready and willing to tour behind their 2009 album See Mystery Lights in the coming months. For the trek, the core duo of Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans will be backed by the three-man crew of Bobby Birdman (who will also be the tour's opening act), Jeff Brodsky, and Reuben Snyder, under the name "The Straight Gaze". Check out this amusing, quick-cut tour promo video here.
Yacht played Soundlab once before, on 08/27/07, with Dirty Projectors and Vampire Weekend. Yup.

June in Buffalo 35th Anniversary Program Features Steve Reich, Augusta Read Thomas

From the press release:
June in Buffalo, the internationally celebrated festival and conference for emerging composers of new music, will celebrate its 35th anniversary this year and it has a treat in store for its audiences.

From May 31 to June 6, the festival once again will offer a brilliant program of afternoon and evening concerts, master classes, open rehearsals, lectures, seminars and installations featuring several of the finest composers and performers of new music in the world: Steve Reich, Augusta Read Thomas, Olivier Pasquet, Bernard Rands, David Felder, Roger Reynolds, the Arditti Quartet, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Ensemble SurPlus, Ensemble Labortorium -- the list goes on.

The festival was founded in 1975 at the University at Buffalo by Morton Feldman, a pioneer of "indeterminate music," a development associated with the experimental New York School of composers, who included John Cage, Christian Wolff and Earle Brown -- all of whom were involved with June in Buffalo from its inception.

June in Buffalo soon evolved into one of the most influential educational and performance conferences of its kind in the world, and for the past 25 years has been directed by David Felder, PhD, Birge-Cary Chair in Composition in the UB Department of Music and long recognized as a leader among his generation of American composers. Read more here.

Free Music Archive: Download Tony Conrad's ISSUE Project Room Performances

By Andrew C. Smith for the ISSUE Project Room's Free Music Archive:
If someone were to keep score of people who have performed at ISSUE, Tony Conrad would be at or near the top. And yet even though he performs almost monthly, guessing what a single performance will be like is a futile game—one we’ve long stopped playing and have never learned the rules to. In the past year he’s dispensed plastic recorders to the audience, bowed strings of beads tied to the bridge of his amplified, fretted, spraypainted black violin, used auto-tune, looping pedals, multichannel overhead clicking sounds, a string quartet, endorsed psychedelic drugs, and had a book written about him.

This is just a selection of those things, some of which are old to the archive and some of which are newer. His performances as Ma La Pert with Jennifer Walshe have already been written about, but check out the two segments from the September 9, 2009 program that featured art historian Brandon Joseph reading from his book, Beyond the Dream Syndicate: Tony Conrad and the Arts after Cage. These two segments—Tony’s song, “Sexual Vulnerability,” and his live set—are just a small slice of much of his work. A larger mix, including the Ma La Pert performance and XXXMacarena, can be found here.

Buffalo Small Press Book Fair - Registration Open Now!

What: 2010 Buffalo Small Press Book Fair
When: Saturday, March 27, 2010
Where: Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum

From organizer Christopher Fritton:
The Buffalo Small Press Book Fair is a regional one-day event that brings booksellers, authors, bookmakers, zinesters, small presses, artists, poets, and other cultural workers (and enthusiasts) together in a venue where they can share ideas, showcase their art, and peddle their wares. Over a thousand people have attended this fair in each of the first three years!

We're taking applications for vendors and sponsors. We'd love to make this year's event the biggest one yet - so if you have wanted to vend and haven't, sign up! Our online vendor application can be accessed here.

If you have considered donating money before or being a sponsor, this is the year to do it!

We look forward to hearing from everyone, and we'll be announcing workshop topics and poetry readings as the information becomes available.

Monday, January 25

Video: Surfer Blood Do "The Interface"

By Tom Breihan for Pitchfork:
Yesterday, we dropped a BNM on Astro Coast, the debut album from Rising Floridian indie upstarts Surfer Blood. Recently, the band stopped by Spinner's live music web show "The Interface" to bash through four tracks from the LP. Singer John Paul Pitts sounds way more ragged in person, interestingly enough. Watch the whole episode or click here to see the band play their irresistibly anthemic single "Swim".
Surfer Blood visits Soundlab on Tuesday, April 13.

Ear to the Ground: All Them Witches

By Eric Kendall for Artvoice:
Named after the book given to Rosemary in the horror classic Rosemary’s Baby, it remains to be seen whether or not these guys are actually sons of demons. After listening to All of Them Witches, one has to wonder if they have some otherworldly forces guiding their hands.

Instrumental rockers All of Them Witches comprises just three people: Vic Lazar, guitar (also in Patrons of Sweet); Phillip Freedenberg, guitar (one half of Red Tag Rummage Sale); and Cameron Rogers, drums (A Hotel Nourishing). These are no strangers to odd time signatures and off-kilter song structures, nor to bending space and time to serve their own musical designs.

Drawing influences from Yes and Steve Howe as much as groups like Don Caballero and Pele, All of Them Witches successfully break down the barrier between math-rock and its elder sibling, prog-rock, creating music with a myriad of sonic detail yet still giving top billing to the word “rock” rather than to “post,” “math,” or “prog.”
Read the rest here.

All Them Witches appear at Soundlab this Wednesday with Mountains and Tape.

This Week at Soundlab... Mountains, Tape, All Them Witches

Wednesday, January 27, 9pm--MOUNTAINS, TAPE, ALL THEM WITCHES.
Sound sculpture designers, Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp, are the duo known as Mountains. Utilizing both field recordings and a plethora of acoustic instruments, their live performances create vast cinematic washes of sound, that have garnered them comparisons to Brian Eno and Fennesz. On tour following their latest release, Etching (Thrill Jockey Recordings), be prepared to be dreamily overwhelmed.

Big Orbit Gallery Director Sean Donaher Named Interim CEPA Director: Gallery Will Emerge "Stronger Than Ever"

By Colin Dobkowski for the Buffalo News:
On Tuesday, the board of directors at CEPA Gallery appointed Sean Donaher, formerly its artistic director, as interim director. The organization has been in turmoil lately because of the resignation of former executive director Lawrence Brose over federal pornography charges.

Donaher, though he will only hold the position temporarily, is both an obvious and prudent choice for a gallery trying to maintain its reputation and poise during what must be an incredibly difficult period. In addition to being the brains behind the Big Orbit Gallery on Essex Street, Donaher has helped to conceive and curate some of CEPA's most compelling recent shows, including "Conversation Pieces," a three-person show featuring Brian Ulrich, Justine Kurland and Alice O'Malley and last the 2008 show "Trans-Evolution: Examining Bio Art," among many others.

As the gallery mounts a search for a new director, we can be reasonably confident that the organization will continue steadily under Donaher's control. The board would also do well to consider Donaher himself as a viable candidate as it seeks to fill Brose's shoes.

In an e-mail to gallery supporters, Donaher made a brief statement on the organization's recent troubles and its immediate plans to deal with them.
Read the rest here.

Friday, January 22

This Week (& More) at the Burchfield-Penney: Lecture on the Weather: John Cage in Buffalo

January 23 – February 14, in the East Gallery and Project Space of the Burchfield-Penney: LECTURE ON THE WEATHER: JOHN CAGE IN BUFFALO. Opening Celebration: Friday, January 22, 2010 from 5:30-8:30pm
This continuous 23-day performance of sound, music, film and lectures composed and performed by those who studied with, were influenced by or knew the composer during his 30+ visits to Buffalo from 1966-1991. The ongoing art happening with its choreographed interplay of live and taped performances transforms the cavernous East Gallery.

Download the 23-day performance schedule.

With works and performances by A Musical Feast, John Bacon, Michael Basinski, Buffalo State College Percussion Ensemble, Bugallo/Williams Duo, Bufffluxus, Elliot Caplan Andrew Duetsch, David Felder Brad Fuster, Brian Milbrand, Kyle Price, J.T Ritker, Tom Kostusiak, David Lampe, Peter Ramos, Joan Retallack, Diane Williams and Jan Williams.

Thursday, January 21

This Weekend at Soundlab... Shock & Awe: Ménage à Trois

Friday, January 22, 10pm, $5--SHOCK & AWE 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY.

Help us celebrate 1, 2, 3 years of debauchery....

Peter, Paul, and Mary.

Wednesday, January 20

This Week at Soundlab... Prefuse 73

Thursday, January 21--PREFUSE 73 with Gaslamp Killer, Voices Voices

By K. O'Day for Artvoice:
Giullermo Scott Herren, international music producer and artist, has been based out of various cities from Atlanta to New York to Barcelona, releasing music under various aliases—most notably Prefuse 73, but also Savath y Savalas, Delarosa & Asora, and Piano Overlord. His DJ career began in the Atlanta club scene of the 1990s where Herren learned his trade, but he moved to NYC in order to ply it, releasing his first recording Sleep Method Suite (1997) under the name Delarosa & Asora. The moniker Prefuse 73 came about with the release of 2001’s commercially and critically successful Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives. Now with his fourth LP as Prefuse 73, Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian, Herren has made a name for himself not just as a DJ but in hip hop and avant-rock circles as well. Ballads, noise-jams, and techno beats make unlikely bedfellows on his latest album, but it serves as a good launching pad for Herren’s latest incarnation, Diamond Watch Wrists, which explores new sounds within the realm of classic singer-songwriter fodder, 60s European acid-folk, and krautrock. Herren will be performing next Thursday (Jan. 21) at Soundlab with two acts out of Los Angeles: DJ Gaslamp Killer and the femalo duo Voices Voices.

The Nifty 50: Girl Talk, Musician, by the NYT T Magazine blog

This month, T celebrates the Nifty 50: America’s up-and-coming talent.
Many people have come to view today’s sample-centric culture as something to be tolerated and indulged, like a child’s scribbled drawings, until the “real thing” comes back. Don’t hold your breath. In many quarters, the practice of artistic recycling is only becoming more exalted and refined. Case in point: Girl Talk.

The invention and alter ego of Gregg Gillis, 28, a former biomedical-engineering student from Pittsburgh, Girl Talk may go down in history as the greatest sampler of them all. Read more here.
Girl Talk performed at the original Soundlab space on 07/06/02 as part of the Circuits of Steel tour. He returned to Buffalo to play the current Soundlab on Friday the 13th of April, 2007.

A Quick Chit-Chat with G. Lucas Crane

By Elizabeth Thompson for Paper magazine's blog:
Though we wish it weren't so, Williamsburg's treasured MonkeyTown will be closing its doors January 24th. To bid their farewells to the the arty performance space, Brooklyn rustic psych quartet Woods are playing there tonight as their jam band incarnation Woods Family Creeps. Below, Woods noise mixer G. Lucas Crane (pictured above, far right) discusses an otherworldly jam session in Santa Fe, how the band will deal with the loss of MonkeyTown, and the Woods Family Creeps's mysterious 2010 performance schedule.
Read the interview here. G. Lucas Crane has played Soundlab 3.5 times: first and second as a duo with performance poet Ric Royer, third as a guest of Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice (although he didn't actually show up because he had a wedding to attend instead), and on 08/13/09 with Woods.

Tuesday, January 19

Notes by Paul Sharits

Interesting ephemera posted by Maryhelena to the Magic Eye blog.

Jack Rose Tributes Planned

By Tom Breihan for Pitchfork:
Last month, Jack Rose, experimental guitarist beloved by the avant garde community, died of a heart attack at the young age of 38. Next month, many of Rose's peers will gather in Philadelphia and New York to play memorial shows for the man, and Thrill Jockey will release his latest album, Luck in the Valley.

The Philly memorial show, which will double as a Luck in the Valley release party, will take place February 13 at the Latvian Society of Philadelphia. Pelt, Rose's old band, will perform, Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore will take the stage with saxophonist Paul Flaherty and drummer Chris Corsano, and Espers' Meg Baird will play with guitarist Chris Forsyth. The bill also includes the No-Neck Blues Band offshoot D. Charles Speer & the Helix, Michael Chapman, Rose collaborators the Black Twig Pickers, Glenn Jones of Cul du Sac, Byron Coley, Megajam Booze Band, DJ Ian Nagoski, and video clips curated by Tara Young.

The next night, February 14, another Rose memorial show will come to New York's Issue Project Room. This one will be titled "A Valentine for Jack Rose".

Thrill Jockey will release Luck in the Valley on February 23. It'll follow previous Rose albums Dr. Ragtime and Pals and Jack Rose and the Black Twig Pickers as the third entry in Rose's "Ditch Trilogy". According to a press release, "The songs drew heavily on pre-war influences" and were "either written by Rose or were his arrangements of early American classics." Rose recorded the album over a period of nine months. Like all of his albums, it was recorded live. Stream or download the album track "Woodpiles on the Side of the Road" here.

Jack Rose performed at Soundlab twice, on 12/04/06 with Peter Walker; and on 09/29/07 with Glenn Jones. Paul Flaherty and Chris Corsano have played Soundlab a million times. Espers visited on 04/22/06 with Temporary Dream and Tracy Morrow and the Magi Chippie. And Chris Forsythe performed on 04/09/05 in duo with Nate Wooley, and a bunch of times with Peeesseye.

Monday, January 18

Free MP3: "M.L.K." by The Entrance Band

By Michael Hogan for Vanity Fair:
One of my favorite songs from the past year is this endearingly earnest civil-rights anthem by The Entrance Band, a Los Angeles psych-rock band fronted by singer-guitarist Guy Blakeslee. “We Shall Overcome” it ain’t, nor does it bear any resemblance to John Mayer’s insufferable 2006 call to apathy, “Waiting on the World to Change.” Between roller-coaster guitar riffs worthy of the Mothers of Invention, Blakeslee testifies to the power and continued relevance of Martin Luther King Jr.’s meaning and message. “What I’m trying to say in the song is don’t forget him, don’t forget his spirit, don’t forget how much he and the people who worked with him were willing to risk for things that we take for granted now, or that we may not even have yet,” Blakeslee told me over the phone on Friday.
For the MP3 and the rest of the article click here.

Entrance played Soundlab on 09/27/06 with Paul Kozlowski/ Dave Phillips duo and DJ Jared. The Entrance Band returns on Monday, February 1.

They Spin, We Dance: DJs Draw Crowds Downtown

Here is the Buffalo News' version of the cover story I wrote for Artvoice in November (Dance to the Underground). Does Miers' take on the new dance underground sound as familiar to you as it does to me? At any rate, check it out for mentions of Soundlab, Shock and Awe, the Communist Pary and DJ Marcos, etc.

Friday, January 15

High Places Announce Second Album

By Ryan Dombal for Pitchfork:
Blippy duo High Places are ready to release the full-length follow-up to their self-titled 2008 debut LP: High Places vs. Mankind is out April 6 on Thrill Jockey. That's the burnt-plastic-stuck-to-a-tree-looking cover up there.

According to a press release, Mary Pearson and Rob Barber are "tackling the complex, gigantic subject of being human and what it's like to interact with other human beings" on this album. Macro is the new micro.

The record is set to feature more guitars than before. A 12" featuring the digital single "I Was Born" (which isn't on the album) and another new single, as well as remixes, is in the works as well.

High Places played Soundlab on 02/11/09 with Soft Circle.

Mike Parker's Toyko Set Reviewed by Resident Advisor

Check out this review, by Tommy Tannock for Resident Advisor, of a performance at Warehouse 702 in Tokyo:
Parker's set was truly a revelation, segueing on beautifully from Cio by maintaining the more abstract side, but also driving the tempo up until it hit that magic BPM where the body seems totally locked into the groove. No vocals or instrumentation, just warm gurgling electronic sounds underlined by techno drum patterns. All the elements came together: The sound was spot on, the crowd kept the energy levels up all night and the sets were both nearly perfect. Apparently it can still happen in Tokyo. Even if it doesn't happen all that often anymore.
Read the rest here. On 10/27/07, Mike Parker DJed the Acid Test Halloween Party feat. Marcos, Bruce Force, Christ Sinister, 3PO & more.

Perfect 10+ Tracks of 2009

This week's Artvoice features a Top 10 Tracks of 2009 list culled from what was originally The Top 29 Tracks of 2009 (plus 21 More) as prepared by Shock & Awe's Kaitlin Isabella and myself. Click here to read the abbreviated version. Or, you can check out the full list at the Shock and Awe blog.

Thursday, January 14

Broken Social Scene Curate Big-Time Toronto Super Festival - Pavement Already on the Bill (Related Story: Pink Flamingo Empty June 19, 2010)

2+ generations of Buffalo hipsters will surely make the pilgrimage from Buffalo to Toronto Island on June 19 to see 90s indie gods Pavement, 00s next-generation Pavement/indie gods Broken Social Scene and probably, a bunch of other awesome stuff from today.

Posted by Tom Breihan for Pitchfork:
The people of Toronto now have yet another reason to be thankful for their homegrown collective Broken Social Scene: This summer, the band will bring the reunited Pavement to town.

Broken Social Scene are curating the Toronto Island Concert, which will come to Toronto's Olympic Island on June 19. Thus far, we only know the names of three of the bands playing the fest, but all three are bands that you probably want to go see: Pavement, BSS themselves, and Band of Horses. More artists will be announced later, but the show's already off to a pretty great start.

New Dan Deacon Video "Woof Woof"

By Jordan for Stereogum:
This extended video treatment for Bromst's "Woof Woof" offers a kid's puppet show drama set in Dayglo Deacon land. It's the work of the Showbeast collective (aka Benjamin Beast, Erin Gleeson, and Alan Resnic), who serve up Poison'd Oats, grow powder, Deacon as a creepy and violent tiger, and "Woof Wood"-ing electro-rock dogs, among other kaleidoscopic things. Remember: Dan Deacon's not on acid. He's just living in Baltimore.
On 04/01/05 Dan Deacon played Soundlab. Opening was Height w/Bow, Chugga Chugga.

This Weekend at Soundlab... Communist Party feat. Mario Bee

This Friday, 11pm.

Rusko Soundlab Interview

I just came across this interview with Rusko from back stage at Soundlab: Rusko interview with | Soundlab Buffalo, NY 12.05.09 from Krudmart TV on Vimeo.

Download Rusko's Soundlab Set

Rusko - Live @ Soundlab 2009.12.05 - Buffalo, NY.mp3 (courtesy

Wednesday, January 13

Communist Party on WBNY Tonight

Jeff Miers on Prefuse 73, James Blackshaw

On Monday, The News' Jeff Miers proposed Soundlab as Buffalo's cure for being Buffalo-in-January, shouting out the upcoming Prefuse 73 and James Blackshaw shows. There are a few inaccuracies (as he notes, doors for Prefuse 73 open at 9, which means DJ sets start soon after, but realistically, don't expect Prefuse onstage until a few hours later; tickets for neither shows are available through Ticketmaster, although that could be the result of promoter misinformation), and it's written for the general audience served by Buffalo's daily ("There is, it should be noted, a perceived elitism when it comes to underground music — i. e., sometimes the people who are knowledgeable in that area can come across as “hipper than thou.” This can be off-putting, but kick it to the curb — the music has no pretension and doesn’t think it’s better than you. In fact, it welcomes you in past both stone-eyed bouncer and velvet rope."). Check it out here.

New Extra Life: "The Ladder"

By Brandon for Stereogum:
The first song that really stood out for me from incantatory BTW Extra Life was Secular Works's "Blackmail Blues," best described as a darker, heavier Dirty Projectors backed by Torch Of The Mystics Sun City Girls. But that's just one look. This past fall I booked a show that included PERIOD, the weirdo metallic jazz band that includes Extra Life singer/guitarist/songwriter Charlie Looker, who you might also recognize from ZS, Mick Barr formations, and DP's Rise Above (in 2008 Extra Life did a split 12" with Nat Baldwin). He's also worked with Glenn Branca, Daniel Carter, Anthony and Tyondai Braxton, and you'll find a number of these tendencies and aesthetics on Extra Life's sophomore album Made Flesh, but I keep coming back to PERIOD's heavy, bleak electro-jazz drifts while listening to "The Ladder" and its clamoring backdrop. For Made Flesh, Looker surrounded himself with violinist Caley Monahon-Ward, bassist Anthony Gedrich (STATS, Ocrilim), drummer Nicholas Podgurski, and saxophonist/keyboardist Travis Laplante. The collection was recorded by metal multi-tasker Marston (Krallice, Gorguts, Behold the Arctopus, Dysrhythmia) with Monahon-Ward. See what all of this sounds like here.

Okkervil River Team With Roky Erickson for New Album

By Ryan Dombal for Pitchfork:
Fourteen years after his last album of original material, psych-rock legend and onetime 13th Floor Elevators frontman Roky Erickson is readying a new record called True Love Cast Out All Evil, out April 20 via Anti-. And he got some top-shelf help to bring his songs to life: fellow Austinites Okkervil River back Erickson on the whole LP, and Okkervil frontman Will Sheff produces. The team-up isn't a surprise, since Erickson played with Okkervil River at SXSW in 2008 and 2009.
Read more here.

My Brightest Diamond's Shara Worden Guests on New Clogs LP

By Tom Breihan for Pitchfork:
When he's not crafting epic indie rock in the National, Bryce Dessner teams up with Australian composer Padma Newsome to record hushed, intimate chamber-folk in the ensemble Clogs.

On March 2, Clogs will release their fifth album, the Newsome-composed song cycle The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton, via Brassland. My Brightest Diamond's Shara Worden sings on six of the album's 10 songs, and Sufjan Stevens and National singer Matt Berninger contribute one guest vocal each. The Sufjan-affiliated string quartet Osso also contribute. To hear a taste of how the album will sound, click here to hear the track "On the Edge", which features vocals from Worden, or head over to the Asthmatic Kitty site to hear "We Were Here", featuring Worden and Sufjan, as previously reported.

The National performed at Big Orbit Gallery on 5/30/01 with Mia Doi Todd and Clogs. My Brightest Diamond visited Soundlab on 11/02/08.

Tuesday, January 12

New Video: Animal Collective's "Brothersport"

By Stelios Phili for the Village Voice's Sound of the City blog:
Equally as innocent, but infinitely more technicolor than Chris Bear canoodling with a Koala, Animal Collective's new video for "Brothersport" stages a barnyard rave. The video opens with two feral children (one dressed as a minotaur and the other a bird) and follows their adventure through their trailer-park dwelling. The two kids end up in a small room, where they paint eggs, attempt the robot, and proceed to splatter the yolk against the wall. Meanwhile, we are treated to scenes of frying paintballs and montages of grainy, 2D cartoon monsters. At the end, a poor dog eats one of the eggs. Uh, yummy?
Animal Collective visited Soundlab on 04/14/05 with Ariel Pink.

Download Dirty Projectors' "Ascending Melody" Seven-Inch, For Free, Right Now

By Rob Harvilla for the Village Voice's Sound of the City blog:
​Oh hell yes. Two tracks, both with much peppy back-and-forth between Dave Longstreth and his femmebot cohorts, with a bit more Talking Heads whimsy than usual, and who can be mad at that. Or, as they put it themselves:
Continue reading here.

Dirty Projectors have performed at Soundlab 3 times: on 06/29/05 with Wind Up Bird and Nat Baldwin; on 04/18/06 with Why? (and "The Getty Address," an animated film by James Sumner); and on 08/27/07 with Yacht and Vampire Weekend.

In Print: Noise & Capitalism (Anthony Iles/ Mattin, Editors)

Reviewed by Dan Warburton for Paris Transatlantic:
I was wrong when I described Guy Debord as a "much overrated Situationist maître penseur" in a recent Wire review, and reading Bruce Russell's Towards a Social Ontology of Improvised Sound Work – probably the best written and certainly the most informative of the eleven essays (plus an introduction by editor Anthony Iles) gathered together in Noise & Capitalism – serves to remind me of the fact. Russell's concise summary of the Situationist key concepts – spectacle, psychogeography and constructed situation – backed up with apposite quotations from Marx and Lukacs, is both clear and clearly relevant to his own practice as an improviser.

Read the rest here.
Mattin visited Soundlab on 04/30/05 to play in a trio with Tim Barnes/Tony Conrad Trio.

Monday, January 11

Diplo's Free Gucci Remix Drops Today

By Zach Baron for the Village Voice's Sounds of the City blog:
It'd be pretty unsportsmanlike for us not to note the emergence of Diplo's long-speculated-about Gucci Mane remix mixtape, given that we ran a whole long thinkpiece pegged to its release back in December. So: actual passion or vacant spin? Street movement "free," or hood cliche "free"? For that matter: Free Gucci, or Fuck Diplo? You decide. [Mad Decent]
Diplo visited Soundlab on 09/20/04 with RJD2 and Rob Sonic. He returned on 05/07/09 to perform with Paul Devro, Big Basha and C3PO.

This Week at Soundlab... Holy Sheet

Tuesday, January 12, 9pm FREE--HOLY SHEET, SPIDER GOAT.

About Holy Sheet:
Kyle, Michael, and Lefton lived together in a sweaty dungeon for 5 years without water, or any sexual stimulus but each other, when Sean lynch appeared in the shadows with his beautiful wooden god like hands, a bronze carpenter, or horse who uses there genitals in the field of headless cats known to his apache tribe. The planets aligned and magic came forth from all our wands. Yes, bless this two headed apple. Songs about fucking through the sheet, glory holes, and anal beads and how we all ate kyles throw up in the middle of a pentagram, naked.

Saturday, January 9

Squeaky Wheel Media Arts Workshops: Intro to Sonic Art

From the Squeaky Wheel Catalog:
Learn how to create sonic landscapes and explore aspects of experimental, abstract, and avant-garde sound using Audacity, a free open source software for recording and editing sounds. Utilized creatively, you can use this simple program to create complex multi-layered sound pieces for film/video and media installation environments. Workshop is geared towards artists seeing sound in terms of image. Topics include innovative recording strategies, electronic processing, editing, exporting files and reviewing work by influential media artists. Members receive four hours of computer time outside of class.

Saturday & Sunday, 2-5pm, April 17-18. Location: Squeaky Wheel, 712 Main St. Instructor: Jax Deluca. $60 non-members, $40 members. Register online here.

Thursday, January 7

C. Spencer Yeh/Chris Corsano/Nate Wooley Live on WFMU

By Scott McDowell:
I confess it's taken me longer to get this post together than it should have. I definitely have the holidays to blame, some family obligations, the usual work, the usual play. But honestly the main reason is that I have been thinking about what to write, and how best to articulate why I am such a huge fan of these three musicians individually, and then why getting them to play as a group on my show was such an enormous coup. And I think I figured it out.

C. Spencer Yeh (violin/voice) is probably best known as the founder of Burning Star Core, a noise band with a surprising elasticity in terms of sound, timbre, texture, form. He has played with probably every major "noise" artist you can think of and in weirder situations with people like Jandek. Chris Corsano (drums/percussion) has been moonlighting with Bjork of late, and has a longstanding free jazz duo with Paul Flaherty that peels paint. Again, he's collaborated with an enormous range of stylists and kingpins, from free jazz masters to heavy noise blasters, from pop stars to beardos. Nate Wooley (amplified trumpet) is a specialist-in-all-styles type player who digs Charlie Shavers and grew up playing in big bands, has spent time doing lowercase music, traditional-sounding free jazz, post-bop, electroacoustic improv and extreme/harsh noise. The three are primetime improvisors, it's the defining element that links all three. But what appeals to me about each of them is that they don't really "fit" anywhere. Noise, free jazz, post rock, bebop, punk, scuzz. If you are to play with them, you are to accommodate them, to get with the sound and discard the baggage, to open it up wide and be humble and just cruise.

They put in two long pieces. The first was a culmination of a handful of live performances of Nate Wooley's Seven Storey Mountain, a version of which was released on Important Records (with David Grubbs and Paul Lytton). The second is unadulturated free improvisation. Please enjoy. Many thanks to Mike Sin for engineering.
These guys are Soundlab veterans many times over: C. Spencer Yeh visited during the Tonight Let's All Make Love in Buffalo festival, 07/09/05. Corsano is an old friend who has played in a variety of combos, all super exciting: 10/18/02 Paul Flaherty/Chris Corsano with Coffee, Flaherty/Corsano/Coffee; 04/30/04 Flaherty/Corsano/Steve Bazcowksi/Tony Conrad; 03/10/05 Corsano/Baczkowski with P.G. Six, Paul Labrecque; 09/19/05 Conrad/Flaherty/ Corsano/ Baczkowski; and 07/11/08 as Vampire Belt (Chris Corsano/Bill Nace), with Baczkowski/Redman. Nate Wooley appeared: 10/17/04 Blue Collar (Nate Wooley/Steve Swell/Tatsuya Nakatani) with the Padhermlardbacz Horn Trio + Drums (Ravi Padmanahba/Mike Hermanson/Mike Allard/Steve Baczkowski); 04/09/05 Nate Wooley/Chris Forsythe along with the Open Music Foundation; 05/13/06 Cor Fuhler/ Nate Wooley/ Newtown Armstrong; and on 09/30/06 with SILO: Nate Wooley, Audrey Chen.

Squeaky Wheel Media Arts Workshops: Circuit Bending

From the Squeaky Wheel Catalog:
Circuit bending is a process whose aim is to unlock the chaos and serendipity hidden within every electronic device. A person with no prior electronics knowledge or experience can wring tremendous subversive satisfaction from transforming a pedestrian toy or appliance into a personalized experimental device. Circuit bending differs from hardware hacking in that benders approach the circuit or object with no clear expectations as to the specific result of their modifications, proceeding like explorers into uncharted territories.

With just a few simple tools and basic electronic components, a circuit bender can turn a discarded toy electronic keyboard into an aleatoric music box capable of emitting uncategorizable and unforeseen screams, hisses and rumbles. An outmoded video game can automatically render melted, glitched programming resembling Saturday morning cartoons on Saturn. A ‘talking’ toy or game can be coaxed into revealing arcane knowledge intoned in previously unheard electronic languages.

The workshop will be a hands-on exploration of bending techniques focusing on the repurposing of scavenged, yard-sold, and thrift-shopped children’s toys. Almost everything made for children in the last ten years has a sound-producing chip inside it - even books make noise these days! Participants will be encouraged to bring their own sacrificial items for modification, and will certainly finish the workshop as the proud owner of at least one new experimental musical instrument. Access to tools will be provided, as will enough electronic supplies to get the participants started. Supplemental lectures, written material, and internet resources will be available to guide the newly-baptized benders in their personal bending explorations beyond the workshop.

Saturdays, 2-5pm, 1/30-2/20. Squeaky Wheel, 712 Main Street. Instructor: Bill Sack. Cost: $95 non=members/ $80 members.
Register online here.

Tuesday, January 5

My Brightest Diamond Releases Shark Remixes

Tom Breihan for Pitchfork reports:
Over the course of last year, Asthmatic Kitty released four EPs of remixes of material from My Brightest Diamond's album A Thousand Shark's Teeth. On January 26, the label will release those collected EPs as a limited edition double-CD called Shark Remixes. Only 1500 copies will exist, and My Brightest Diamond frontwoman Shara Worden will sign every one of them. The remixes come courtesy of Alfred Brown, DM Stith, Son Lux and Savath and Savalas's Roberto Carlos Lange.
My Brightest Diamond played Soundlab on 11/02/08.

Video: Japandroids on Fallon

By Zach Baron for the Village Voice's Sound of the City:
People who have been fans of this band for years may never have heard either of these two guys sing into the microphone as much (or, uh, as tunefully) as they do here--it's pretty much the exact opposite of whatever bad PA yelling they do out at Brooklyn or the Mercury Lounge, etc. Fallon looks impressed, although then again, he always sort of does. Questlove would've preferred "I Quit Girls" but otherwise seems pretty thrilled. This was their television debut, according to Jimmy. Still can't believe they skipped "Young Hearts Spark Fire" but otherwise, they certainly looked like they belonged out there. Next up? A haircut, hopefully.
Japandroids played Soundlab on 09/28/09 with Mt St Helen's Vietnam Band
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